TBG Security’s Red Team service is an advanced offensive security service designed to mimic real world attackers; everyone from the basic hacktivist to nation state actors. Testing is continuously conducted allowing a wide range of attack vectors to be considered providing real-world attack testing of your systems, applications and network defenses while simultaneously providing your organization with an opportunity to assess and improve their existing incident response and overall security posture.
What is Red TEam
The main goals of TBG’s Red Team are to improve the overall readiness of your organization, provide remediation recommendations to your defensive practitioners, inspect the current performance levels and measure a company’s security controls over a longer duration than a typical penetration test. Independent Red Teams can provide valuable and objective insights about the existence of vulnerabilities and about the efficacy of defenses and mitigating controls already in place and even those planned for future implementation. Red Team exercises result in a better understanding of possible adversaries and help to improve counter measures against them and future threats.

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